About ME

Known Professionally As: SAUD BIN AHMED
Profession: Films Direcetor , Film Producer , Cyber-security Expert , I.T Security Specialist , Businessman
Current position: Founder and General Manager of the Technical Support Securing Websites & Electronic Accounts
Date of Birth: 21/January/1985
Nationality: United Arab Emirates
Residence: Dubai
P.o Box: 35000 Sharjah
E-Mail: Admin@uaesos.com
Certificates and training courses
1. Master of Electronic Governance
2. Bachelor of Information Systems Business Administration
3. A course in sending and receiving money and dealing with money laundering from Western Union
4. Certified in Fire and Rescue
5. Certified degree from the American Ethical Hacker Organization C.E.H
6. Certificate of appreciation and thanks in the establishment of an electronic project that includes postal inspection and security at the state level
7. Certified Comprehensive Postal Services
8. Certified of the International Computer License
9. Certified a certificate of the art of dealing with people with special needs
10.Certified a degree in the art of etiquette in work and external protocol
11.Certified a certificate of thanks and appreciation for participating in the science of the spirit of the union at the Automobile Club of Sharjah
12.Certified a certificate of thanks and appreciation for participating in the 41st National Day events
13.Certified a certificate of appreciation in the success of the 5th anniversary event of the founding of the Automobile Club
14.Certified a certificate of thanks and appreciation for participating in World Drug Day
15.Certificate of thanks from Her Highness Sheikha Jawaher bint Mohammed Al Qasimi in the campaign “The Big Heart”
16.Certified certificate of 10 years experience in the management and programming of remote websites from Emirates Technology and Design Company
17.Certified in the first place in the professional modification of cars
18.Forensic evidence certificate from the University of Modern Sciences
19.Certificate of thanks and appreciation from Sharjah Classic Cars Club at the Sharjah Heritage Days celebration
20.Certificate Digital Charter Certificate
21.Certificate Of F1 Style Single Seater driving experience – Stage1
22.Certificate of Appreciation from the Emirates Identity and Citizenship Academy for participation as a speaker in one of the discussions of the scientific symposium “The future of mankind in light of the accelerated development of artificial intelligence”
23. Certificate from Dubai Real Estate Institute in a special real estate qualification course
24. Certificate of appreciation from the International Corvette Club for participating in the march of orphans
25. Certificate of attendance in Happiness & Positivity Workshop
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